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Frequently Asked Questions






Which is better to purchase ?
Tie on waistbeads or waistbeads with a clasp?
It's your preference

Tie On

Made on a non-stretch string
Made at standard 50" , I don't need your measurements unless your waist is more than 50"
More permanent.
Tie On Waistbeads are made for you to Tie On & keep on until they need to be cut off
Be careful when choosing charms, they can tarnish from keeping your beads on ... from wearing them in the shower, lotions, fragarances, etc ...

With a Clasp
​Made on a stretchy string
You can remove and put back on whenever you want
Charms are easier to preserve when you take them off/on for showering or moisturizing your body
Which one (Clasp or Tie On) do I use for tracking my weight ?

They will roll up if your gaining weight or roll down if you are losing weight. 


How do I Tie On My Waistbeads?


Handle your waistbeads with care !
Tugging and pulling may cause them to pop. 
Make sure you have room for bloating & movement

*** It is natural to notice that certain colored beads fade over time. This is due to natural body oils and/or personal care routines ***


Order Your Custom Waistbeads (below) 

Order Custom Waistbeads